Thank you for your interest in PMEA! Please select the program to which you are looking to apply from the list below. Questions? Please contact Director of Education & Events Shanna Danielson (


Submission Deadline: June 2, 2017 (Annual & Summer Conferences)

PMEA/NAfME members and PMEA Corporate Sponsor Member companies are invited to submit educational session proposals for the PMEA 2018 Annual In-service Conference, to be held April 19-21 at the Lancaster Marriott & Convention Center and/or the 2018 PMEA Summer Conference, to be held in July, 2018 (specific dates and location are TBD). The PMEA Conference Planning Committee will blindly review all proposals. The final decision for inclusion in the conference will be that of the conference chair. Corporate Sponsor member session proposals must include a letter/email of endorsement from the sponsoring company when submitted. Sponsoring companies will be listed in the program book. The online application link can be found on the PMEA website at under the Conferences and Events menu option via the “Annual Conference” link.

Selection Process

The conference planning committee will be guided in the selection of sessions by the following criteria: quality of presentation (objectives and organization); innovativeness; importance and timeliness of the topic to the field; practical applicability and program balance. Session proposals will be accepted in the following content areas:

  • Advocacy
  • Band
  • Classroom Music (Elementary, Middle or High School, Theory, etc.)
  • Choral
  • Collegiate/PCMEA
  • Curriculum Development/Assessment
  • Early Childhood
  • Guitar
  • Higher Ed/SMTE
  • Jazz
  • Leadership/Mentoring
  • Orchestra/Strings
  • Research
  • Special Learners
  • Technology
  • Urban/World Music


Complete the Online Proposal Application Form which includes: Session Title, Abstract, Type of Session (panel, lecture, demonstration, participatory) and Content Area. Be sure to include a current email address. Deadline: June 2, 2017.

*If the session includes a demonstration group, the group must audition to perform at the 2018 PMEA Annual Conference and may include up to 16 people. Selected performing groups may be used as demonstration groups.

Session Participant(s)

  1. All presenters must be current members of PMEA/NAfME or representatives of PMEA Corporate Sponsor companies. No honoraria are paid to educational session presenters.
  2. Submission of a proposal is a commitment by all participating individuals to register for the conference.
  3. Because of scheduling difficulties, individual requests for particular times cannot be granted. Submission of a proposal assumes acceptance of the scheduled day and time. If the proposed presenter knows of a conflict at the time of submitting the application, a note must be included indicating the conflict for any consideration to be given to accommodating the conflict. Notice of acceptance or non-acceptance for the Annual Conference will be emailed by October 1, 2017.
*Those interested in presenting research at the 2018 PMEA Annual Conference - the Call for Research Proposals will be made available at a later time and is separate from this call for proposals. 
Ends on June 2, 2017$10.00

Audition Procedures for Performing Groups

PMEA 2018 In-Service Conference, April 19-21, Lancaster

Application Fee - $10

Window of Opportunity to Submit – Wed. April 26 – Friday, June 2, 2017

Failure to comply with the PMEA In-Service Conference Performance criteria will result in the performance application not being considered for the conference. All deadlines and criteria must be met. No refunds of performance application fees will be made.

1. All Teachers and conductors of all performing groups submitting applications MUST BE CURRENT MEMBERS OF PMEA. In the case of faculty ensembles, all performers in the ensemble MUST BE CURRENT MEMBERS OF PMEA - No exceptions.

2. All groups wanting to appear in any concert session of the PMEA In-Service Conference must submit the following via the Submittable program ( during the submission window (Wed., April 26 – Fri. June 2, 2017):

  A. Completed application for performance

  B. Application fee of $10 per submission - A quality recording of your ensemble’s performance must be submitted online via Submittable (application fee must be paid with credit card).

  C. Copies of performance program(s) from the current school year which must include all selections submitted on the audition recording (look for the attachment fields on the online application).

D.  Unedited live recording of three (3) selections (individual movements of a piece can be considered as separate pieces) performed during the current school year (audio only or audio and video - please be sure conductor cannot be identified if submitting video).

     i. Unedited shall mean NO studio enhancements or alterations of any type.

    ii. Live performance shall mean a complete performance of each selected work, whether in the rehearsal room or concert venue, with or without an audience. Example: It is not acceptable to “build” a recording using individual tracks recorded at different times and then mixing the tracks together to create the final recording of that selection.

    iii. Live performances shall also mean that all accompaniments must be live; no recorded accompaniment tracks.

    iv. Show choirs/vocal jazz choirs must submit a video file.

    v. Elementary applicants may opt to audition by a video file.

  E. Choral & Instrumental Submissions must include three contrasting selections illustrating wide musical variety with a total time limit of 15 minutes. Accompanied choral groups must be accompanied by live musicians. No commercial pre-recorded tracks may be used. Non-commercial recorded accompaniments done by student musicians may be used but must be identified on the application.

  F. General Music Submissions must follow the guidelines as above; however, if the group involves visual material and the director feels it would be beneficial, a video may be submitted. The submission must be clean and cannot contain anything that would identify the group or director in any way.

  G. Community Groups must follow the same procedures as above; however, eligible groups will be invited at the discretion of the Conference Chair.

  H. All audition materials shall be submitted via the Submittable program during the window of opportunity which begins on Wednesday, April 26 and will close at midnight on Friday, June 2, 2017.

3. Each application for performance must be verified by an administrator (principal or superintendent) certifying it is the intent of the group to appear on the conference program, if invited (with the exception of college & community groups).

4. Conductors of performance groups:

     A. must be paid members of PMEA

     B. must be the director of the group on the audition recording.

     C. who are submitting multiple ensembles for consideration, should more than one ensemble be selected, must choose only one ensemble to perform at the conference.

5. Performance groups appearing at the conference must be the same ensemble represented on the audition recording. If accepted, students in the performing group must be current members of the ensemble (cannot bring back students that were in the ensemble last year, but not this year). Example: If your 2016-17 5th Grade Honor Choir auditions and is selected, your 2017-2018 5th Grade Honor Choir performs.

6. PMEA acknowledges the wide diversity of performing ensembles and encourages the submission of “emerging ensembles” however, for purpose of “Concert Session” at the conference, performing ensembles will be limited to the following:

    A. Bands: traditional concert bands, wind ensembles, and jazz bands (no combos)

    B. Choirs: traditional choral ensembles of like or mixed voices, chamber choirs, show choirs, vocal jazz ensembles, etc. (minimum of 16 members)

   C. Orchestras: string or full orchestras (minimum 16 members)

   D. Small Ensembles: wind, brass, percussion, string, jazz combos, or vocal small ensembles.

   E. Non-Traditional or Emerging Ensembles: mariachi, steel drum, guitar ensembles, technology ensemble, etc.

7. No school, organization or director may have a performance group of the same medium (i.e. choir, band, and orchestra) appear at consecutive PMEA Conferences.  This applies to all ensembles appearing on any concert at the conference.  (Example: A school, organization or director may not enter a concert choir one year and a woman’s choir the next year).

8.  No more than two ensembles from the same school building may perform at the PMEA Conference in the same year.

9. An effort will be made to ensure that invited performing groups will represent a variety of levels, sizes and genres.

10. Groups selected as performing ensembles may be asked to serve as a demonstration group for the conference.

11. If submitting more than one ensemble for consideration, a separate application must be completed and a separate fee must be paid for each ensemble auditioning under the same director.

12. The director of the group submitting the application must remain the director if the group is selected. If there is a change in directors, the group will be disqualified, no exceptions.

13. All performing groups are auditioned on a strictly anonymous and impartial basis by panels of music educators who serve as adjudicators. Quality of performance, literature displayed and the potential contribution to the entire content of the conference program will be the determining factors in the final selections. No evaluations from the adjudicators will be provided for the auditioning groups.

14. Invitations to appear at the 2018 PMEA In-service Conference will be issued by the Conference Program Chair by September. *Please note that you be me asked to share a concert hour with another performing group.

Deadline: Friday, June 2, 2017