Ends on January 4, 2018

$10.00 USD
Directors who wish to have their students (grades 10-12 only) considered for selection should: 
1. Complete the application form with payment ($10.00) online at www.pmea.submittable.com. The Director must be a current PMEA member.
2. All audition selections must be submitted online via Submittable. Each requirement must be recorded from start to finish without cuts and/or splices. The recording may be stopped between selections of each requirement. The video must have a clock with second hand visible behind the applicant. No identifying clothing may be worn (i.e. no school t-shirts, no name identification, no PMEA, NAfME All-Eastern or National shirts) *** All Submissions must be recorded in the following order ***
  1. Play the entire etude My Glowing Moment, found on pages 30-31 in the book Effective Etudes for Jazz by Mike Carubia and Jeff Jarvis (pub. Kendor), playing along with track 34 from the accompaniment CD.
  2. “Walk” one 32 bar chorus, then improvise one 32 bar chorus over The Moon Is High, found on pages 16-17 in the book Effective Etudes for Jazz by Jeff Jarvis, playing along with track 27 from the accompaniment CD.
3. Have application uploaded by the end of the day (Midnight)Thursday, January 4th, 2018. 
4. Expect notification by Friday, February 2nd, 2018 via the PMEA Website, www.pmea.net
5. The director is asked to view the file and verify the recorded audition is consistent with the student’s level of performance. 
6. Students may audition on multiple instruments or voice parts, however a separate payment and Submittable application is required for each submission. All requirements for EACH instrument or voice part must be met and sent on a separate upload video. 
7. (Instrumental Jazz Only)-The second ranked piano, drummer and bass applicants will be selected as the rhythm section for the 2018 All-State Vocal Jazz Ensemble. 

***If selected for the 2018 PMEA Jazz or Vocal Jazz Ensemble, the student will no longer be eligible for any of the other All-State ensembles.***
**Please note - Submittable automatically places all uploads/attachments in alphabetical order. Please add numbers in front of each submission (beginning with "1") to keep the submissions in the requested order.
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